Khasuyi Date Exports

Khasuyi Date Exports have been increasing dramatically in recent years. exports of these dates are done by the Crystal Date Export Company. The ability to keep these dates is usually high, these dates havre a lot exports. These dates are always good for traders and exporting companies.

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Khasuyi date exports constitutes a large share of Iranian export dates. This type of date exports is one of the most profitable fields for palm traders.

Except for the quality of dates, a lot of factors affect the export of dates. In fact, there are side factors that play a huge role in this regard. Crystal Dates company is ready to cooperate with traders and exporting companies by following all principles and aspects.

Crystal Date Company is working in the field of Khasuyi date exports. the benefits of date export by Crystal Company are given below:

  • Packing according to all export standards
  • Having all national and international licenses and halal attributes
  •  Provide new packaging design
  •  Equipped with 4 devices for sweating and strapping products
  • Product Vacuum Features
  • The only company with a BRC certificate that is the UK retail license
  •  ISO International Certificate from Italy
  •  Having 12 date national standard
  •  Selection as the country’s exporter for 5 consecutive years
  • Having all the standards of the Ministry of Health.
  •  Equipped with dedicated refrigerators
  • Guarantee the quality of products
  • Ability to send orders on large scale
  • the Winner of a special reward for entrepreneurship and job creation in the field of exports
  • Having a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade

Sending at the lowest possible time is the benefits of cooperation with the crystal date company.